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Ackley Formulations BaddiFor order

Deals in all Neutraceuticals Medicine

A nutraceutical is a pharmaceutical- and standardized nutrient. In the US, "nutraceuticals" do not exist as a regulatory category; they are regulated as dietary supplements and food additives by the FDA under the authority of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

We love and believe in what we do

Nutraceutical is a family of diverse people from all walks of life. We work together from locations around the world to bring you a wide selection of natural health products and nutritional supplements that we proudly stand behind.


Ackley Formulations is a registered company under Govt of India from 2017. We have all certification eg FSSAI Certification Lic No.:10918011000127 and many more. We are one of the trust brand name all over the India.

Ackley Formulation has a wide range of health care options for health treatments.

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